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5/17/2019 at US 36 Raceway - Osborn, MO

Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols

Stock CarsStartFinish
A Feature 171st
Heat 151st

Mike Nichols

A Feature 1

15 laps | 00:00:00
17Mike NicholsHarlan, IA63
23Mich RossMaysville, MO34X
34Connor MasonerSt. Joseph, MO47X
49Alvie ChristoffersonSt. Joseph, MO22A
58Chad ClancyPolo, MO21X
66Blake PeelerTrimble, MO292
71Thomas RobertsCameron, MO65X
814Carson MasonerSt. Joseph, MO20X
911George BurnettCameron, MO57
1012Anthony roberstonSavannah, MO82M
11 (DNF)15Aaron SauterSt. Joseph, MO83
12 (DNF)5Austin BouzekTrenton, MO14B
13 (DNF)10Bryan RigsbyTopeka, KS12B
14 (DNF)2CJ TurnerJamesport, MO91
DNS-Lance DixonTopeka, KS03

Heat 1

6 laps | 00:00:00
15Mike NicholsHarlan, IA63
24Austin BouzekTrenton, MO14B
36Chad ClancyPolo, MO21X
41Thomas RobertsCameron, MO65X
53Connor MasonerSt. Joseph, MO47X
67George BurnettCameron, MO57
78Lance DixonTopeka, KS03
82Aaron SauterSt. Joseph, MO83

Heat 2

6 laps | 00:02:13.761
12Mich RossMaysville, MO34X
24Blake PeelerTrimble, MO292
37Bryan RigsbyTopeka, KS12B
46Alvie ChristoffersonSt. Joseph, MO22A
51CJ TurnerJamesport, MO91
65Anthony roberstonSavannah, MO82M
73Carson MasonerSt. Joseph, MO20X
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